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7th May 2018

Regulation of Photosynthetic Electron Transport

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I was surprised and pleased to find my simple graphic on the cover of the journal Physiologia Plantarum.

The special issue.

Why we need to know the structure of phosphorylated chloroplast light‐harvesting complex II

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

1st October 2017


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Late July 2017.

Family holiday in Bolingey, near Perranporth, Cornwall. Fabulous.

You can tell which is the geologist. He or she stands on the beach and, instead of looking out to sea, looks at the cliffs.

The Elizabeth Line

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New trains now run occasionally on the Transport for London Elizabeth Line, the first part of Crossrail.


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22 September 2017.

1. Why do chloroplasts and mitochondria contain DNA?
2. Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Cell Evolution

Centre for Organismal Studies, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Ein Gedi

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3 September 2017.

“In the beginning was redox control. Why mitochondria contain DNA and how we look after it”.

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) Satellite Meeting “Mitochondrial Genomics and Evolution”, Ein Gedi, Israel.

Photos from the meeting

30th September 2017


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28 June 2017.

“Why do chloroplasts and mitochondria contain DNA?”.

Biologisches Kolloquium, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany.

CeNT Warsaw

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13 April 2017.

“Why chloroplasts and mitochondria retain their own genomes and genetic systems: Co-location for Redox Regulation of gene expression”.

Centre of New Technologies (CeNT), University of Warsaw, Poland.

The Z-Scheme etched in stone. Iconic. Cool.

The reflected image of the photographer was accidental.

26th September 2017

Nobel Prizes 2017

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Physiology or Medicine



18th June 2017

Two celebrations on one day

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Today is our wedding anniversary. This year it happens to be fathers’ day, too.
To love and be loved.
How lucky am I.

25th February 2017


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“When members of the international jet-set get together and the conversation turns naturally to fun spots of the Western world it is probably safe to assume that the word ‘Newport’ does not crop up frequently in the conversation”.

I once read this attributed to the redoubtable South Wales Argus, a newspaper today inexplicably not barred from representation at White House press conferences.

The river Usk flows through the town where I was born and grew up.

There is much to see at either side of its mouth, shared with the Ebbw, out to the wonderful Severn Estuary, which the Romans called “Sabrina”. The Usk is about as far West as the Romans ventured in Britain.

West Usk – The lighthouse, where Carol and I stayed last weekend.

East Usk – West Nash. St. Mary the Virgin, in whose churchyard lies the grave of my brother, Garrick. The church still bears the high water mark from the Bristol Channel Tsunami of January 1607.

View across Uskmouth from West Usk to Goldcliff, of which I have fond personal memories. Romans first set putchers there, in the intertidal zone, to catch salmon from the fast-flowing Severn.

Newport – home of the Mole Wrench

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