What do universities actually do?

Following items in Times Higher Education, good friends currently correspond on Twitter concerning first-hand experiences working in different universities in the USA, Germany, and the UK. I’ve long thought that what is missing from discussion of topics such “management” and “value for money” is an agreed description of what is a university’s output or “product”.… Continue reading What do universities actually do?


The subject of the header photograph; you; me; the remarkable people who built and sent the camera; all our homes, history, hopes, fears, aspirations:– Bright ‘Evening Star’ Seen from Mars is Earth Fig. 1 (do view full-screen) includes the evening horizon, giving depth from perspective. Breathtaking. Wish Carl Sagan could have seen this. “The distance… Continue reading Perspective

Header Photograph taken near Parco Filisofico, Anacapri, on 28 August 2015.

Original header photograph taken at Otago Peninsula on 17 March 2007.

First things first

Prompted by a post on Robinince’s Blog I thought it’s about time I tried this, too.