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10th July 2020

In Bern, February to March 2020

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An update. These are travel photos. Interesting, for us at least, but not the life-changing news to be described in a subsequent post.

The Aare
Sarah and Carol on a day out in Interlaken
Carol with mountains
Neubrücke and the Aare
Looking across the Aare from Bremgarten to the footpath on the South side of the river. When you take that path, you wonder at first what huge device is shaking the footway, and you. It is soon clear you’ve been crossing the efflux from a hydroelectricity generating station. Nice.

28th February 2020

Enroute to Bern

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River Oise near Danizy in Picardy.

Halenbrücke on the Aare.

12th December 2019

Pwll Du again

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In Ship Cottage again. A week earlier this year. Weather much the same as last year, though less cold.

High Pennard. On the Wales Coast Path/Llwybr Arfordir Cymru.
Light lunch at The Coffee Shop, Pennard.
The Murder Mystery: “Murder in the Roaring Twenties” provided by Sophie. Great idea. Sarah is out of frame, adjusting her camera.
Sarah as Booboo B’Doo, wife of Bebop B’Doo..

10th November 2019

Seoul – Korean Temple Cooking

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Sanchon. Extraordinary. Superb foods I’d never even heard of, with a traditional Korean temple cabaret, apparently.

14 Kwanhoon-dong, Chongro-gu, Seoul

Korea – Ganghwa Peace Observatory

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“A Place to Wish for Peaceful Reunification”

At The DMZ.

Watching on TV what you can see directly through the huge window.
Keeping an eye on the North…

17th October 2019

Visit to Purdue University

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To give the 2019 Beach Lecture in the Department of Biochemistry, and visit good friends and colleagues in a great, new research laboratory.

25th March 2019

Put it to the People

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23 March. At a rough guess, about twice the number of people who were at the March for a People’s Vote.

A long wait at the advertised starting point in Park Lane. A bottleneck into Piccadilly. We eventually turned into Green Park, eventually to meet our daughter, Sophie. Lunch in St. James’s Park and then to Parliament Square, still crowded long after the speeches has finished. In addition to the route of the march itself, many roads in the West End had been closed, apparently in response to unexpectedly large crowds.

31st December 2018

Ship Cottage, Pwll Du

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A birthday return to the Gower in mid-December. Wonderful. Atrocious weather was just part of the adventure.


The Cottage and Annex
The location
The cast of the murder mystery

The 22 October March for a People’s Vote

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Across the Severn for a few days

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Leaving our youngest daughter as a full-fledged undergraduate student, Carol and I paused in South Wales.

Tintern Abbey

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