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1st October 2017


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Late July 2017.

Family holiday in Bolingey, near Perranporth, Cornwall. Fabulous.

You can tell which is the geologist. He or she stands on the beach and, instead of looking out to sea, looks at the cliffs.

The Elizabeth Line

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New trains now run occasionally on the Transport for London Elizabeth Line, the first part of Crossrail.


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22 September 2017.

1. Why do chloroplasts and mitochondria contain DNA?
2. Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Cell Evolution

Centre for Organismal Studies, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Ein Gedi

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3 September 2017.

“In the beginning was redox control. Why mitochondria contain DNA and how we look after it”.

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) Satellite Meeting “Mitochondrial Genomics and Evolution”, Ein Gedi, Israel.

Photos from the meeting

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