27 April | Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

A redox switch hypothesis for the evolutionary origin of oxygenic photosynthesis

It could be quite wrong. If it is, this great lab may well be the first to find out. I told them this at the outset, and asked them to let me be the first to know. This caused amusement, while I was actually quite serious. I’ll doubt I’ll ever get used to becoming an unintended comedian.

Fantastic place, though. I had a receptive audience. There were perceptive questions and helpful discussions with my host, Valeria Souza, as with five members of her team of talented researchers. They signed my souvenir poster about Cuatro Ciénegas. Maybe that’s an ideal place to look for the protocyanobacterium?

I thank them all.

What a pleasure.

The five talented researchers, plus Fanis and me.
Five talented researchers: Gabriel Ponce, Valerie De Anda, Mirna Vázquez, Marietta Viladornat, Fabricio Romero. Plus Fanis and me.

Mexico Lectures April–May 2016

The origin of atmospheric oxygen


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