1. Given our work on spatial cognition, this was very interesting and exciting. In fact, in a grant application we had planned to invite one of the winners to a proposed seminar. I wish we had invited her in advance! Her schedule might be a bit busier now with this.

    The most interesting aspect, though, is that this is mostly awarded for only initial findings: the details will be very challenging to work out. Which senses contribute to the neural basis of spatial location? What computations are carried out to make the representation possible? How are the place and grid cells actually used during navigation or planning?

    1. Thank you, Michael. Go ahead and invite May-Britt Moser any way! She will be busy in Nobel week of course. December 04 to 10. I first heard of place cells from Sophie R., a temporary lecturer at QM; we were each allocated to the other for second marking for “project skills”. She’d worked at UCL with O’Keefe. I’ll look this up.

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